Phoenix Fireball Delivery System

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United States Created on 2018.06.29 44 views
My Team and I at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach would like to present our Phoenix Fireball Delivery system which will be capable of fighting fires previously out of reach of fire fighters. We were offered an opportunity to present our product to the FAA and came up with a device that may appeal to the Federal/State market . We will be using the Vulcan Airlift drone, modeled in Catia, which is capable of carrying up to 30kg, 66 lbs.  When the drone arrives at the fire location, an operator will determine the source of the flame through an infrared camera. The delivery system will then use compressed air to deliver an Elide Fireball which decimates a large area of the fire. This process will be repeated up to 6 times until the device must be reloaded by a fire fighter on the ground.  We believe that we can save lives with our creation by providing a solution where no solution was available before. Now, with our device, fire fighters can help save lives and property from a safe area before moving into the danger zone.  This project is set to be completed by July 8th
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