Pi Pad - Case

External Monitor with Raspberry Pi

Created on 2018.06.21 39 views
I build a external monitor with HDMI, DVI and VGA input. It can be use as Tablet as well. I add Raspberry Pi Zero. The small, black Button on the frontside of the case, can be use to change between the Monitor input and the Raspberry Pi as well. He is wired internal to the case. The 7" TFT Monitor can use with touch.  You yust have to insert the USB cable in the PC or the Raspberry USB port on the backside of the case. The Monitor can be Powered by wired, or over internal battery as well. LED on the boddom side of the case, shows the chargestatus of the baterrys. Tow switches on the side off the case are or Start the Pi and the Raspberry. The Case is created by Solidworks and printed in a 3D Printer.
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