Plastic Recycling Machine

A machine that can be used to shred plastic for further recycling process

Created on 2019.05.21 151 views
Worldwide people buy a million plastic bottles per minute and the 91% of them end up in the garbage. Hence our main concern is to recycle the plastic bottle and to put it into valuable use rather than creating waste from it. This kind of machine is already available but it is for industrial purpose. We have design a machine which can be use by domestic house hold too because of its lower cost. Thus it is one time investment.  In our project our objectives are to recycle plastic bottles to reduce solid plastic waste, to utilize the plastic from domestic waste to reproduce useful component like small plates, paper weight, decorative things, etc and to design machine which can be use on domestic level.  The project consists of two processes namely shredding and injection molding. The shredder cuts the plastic bottles into very small pellets whose size can be controlled by the operator depending on which mesh he chooses. The smaller the mesh size, the better it is.  The shredded plastic goes into the injection/ extrusion machine. The injection machine consists of a tube and power screw arrangement. A piston is attached at the end of the power screw which compresses the plastic pellets. Nozzle/ band heaters are used to heat the plastic and melt it. The molten plastic is extruded into the die. We can manufacture different types of product by preparing dies of the desired shape.
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