Global overview
Detail of the interior, passenger side.
Rear axis exploded view and positioning in chassis
Assembly of the chassis and bodywork, with detail of the battery situation
Chassis exploded view.
Injection Mold of the door. Global overview.
Injection mold detailed view. Rendering with Keyshot
Exploded view, with assembled chassis.
Assembled toy
Injection mold for the door. Fixed and movable sub-assemblies

Plastic toy car Design & Manufacturing

4th - Fans votes of POTY 2014 Edition

Created on 2016.05.17 1702 views

From idea to reality. This phrase can easily resume the objective of this project, in which we were asked to design a toy car -in our case, Fiat 500 1963- primarily made of plastic. Afterwards, I decided to study the detailed manufacturing of the movable doors. At this point, I designed the injection mold of the doors using standard parts from HASCO, in order to get a realistic solution.

Finally, I used DMU kinematics for the manufacturing simulation, gathering all the elements of the project. This is an example of the Computer Aided Design-Manufacturing integration so important nowadays, and of course, it can be applied on toy industry. Some of our classmates chose Rolls Royce models, De Lorean, Mustang and even a Cinderella carriage! Who said engineering is not a kids game?

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