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Research problem      As we all know that plastic plays a vital role in our daily life from the beginning of the day to the end of the day. We are so much connected to it because of its unique qualities and with its low of cost of manufacturing, but on the other hand, it is making a lot of debris all over the globe irrespective of the landscape even though the oceans are not excluded. The scenario has become that you can find the plastic debris in each and every corner of the world just like we are leaving the worst landmarks to nature.     This is because of the long process of recycling time procedure from the rag pickers-local dump yards-Small scale industries to convert them to plastic pellets and finally to the manufacturing units. In the meanwhile time, the consumption of polymers is increasing rapidly without concerning about the recycling or fewer trails. Proposed Solution               For this problem our Plastic Waste Management Machine (PWMM) is the solution, this machine can convert the plastic waste such as cool drink bottles, water bottles etc., into a reusable product like a dustbin on the spot itself. Overview of PWMM       This PWMM consists of mainly 5 stages of operation namely 1.Shredder  2.Valve mechanism 3.Melting Zone 4.Passage Zone 5.Moulding Zone 1. Shredder – Where the waste plastic is gonna enter and with high torque motor created by belt and pulley mechanism and that plastic turns into small strips or small pieces. 2. Valve mechanism – It is used to control the flow of plastic pieces into the melting chamber. This can be achieved by the iris mechanism so that the flow of pieces will be in a smooth manner. 3. Melting Zone – Here the plastic pieces turned into molten plastic by giving the desired heat supply through the Mica Heating band. 4.Passage zone – After the melting zone, the molten plastic should enter into the mould by external pressure. This pressure will be created in this passage zone with the help of linear actuator with a conical head mounted to it. 5.Moulding zone – Finally the molten plastic enters into the mould where it deforms into the required shape for example dustbin. And this will be cool down through a passage of a flow of water surrounded in the cavity to avoid the shrinkage of plastic. After that, the dust bin attached to the core will get out of the machine with a spring-suspended lead screw mechanism.          This system will be fully automated with low maintenance and for precision output, the electric sensors will be used, such as Proximity sensors, RPM checkers and temperature sensors and controllers for a different type of motors.          These are the normal mechanisms used industries but we are trying to create a miniature industry to create awareness among people and not to forget, this machine is not for mass production.           Conclusion As earlier discussed, through this waste plastic management machine can act as a miniature industry with fully automated technology to improvise existing technology in the field of plastic waste recycling.   
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