Polymer Extrusion

By Single Screw Extruder (SPH & CEL Methods)

Created on 2017.05.10 1745 views
Making filament for determination of some parameters is a challenge. It needs long time to test and find parameters and consequently is costly for using huge amounts of pellets. Recently, one of methods for consuming time and material is using Finite Element Method (FEM). In this method, the process will have done with one of FEM software. At the next step, the results of FEA method will compare with experiments results for verification of FEM results. After determination of FEM error, the results will be used for determine of other required parameters. In this project, the objective was finding of forces and moments of filament extruding of a new polymer for design and manufacturing of an extruder for making it. For this purpose, the filament extruding was done in ABAQUS software. For fluid modeling, there are two methods in ABAQUS that they are ABAQUS/Coupled Eulerian Lagrangian (CEL) and ABAQUS/Smoothed Particles Hydrodynamic (SPH). The modeling was done for two methods because it was a good method for comparing the results of them together and with experimental results.
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