Portable Ground Nut Shelling Machine(VIT)-APSSDC


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This project, which is supposed to be the helping hand for the groundnut farmers. Our project is to introduce an efficient, economical and simple operative groundnut shelling machine that will help groundnut farmers to unshell the groundnut and sell them to a more profitable price, comparing to selling shelled peanuts at a lesser price. Our unique feature of the machine is emphasizing more on the separation of shells and nuts and we make sure about the crushing of nuts, as we design the crusher to accurately crack nuts of all sizes, which will increase the productive output of the machine.   Our unique features : •Our price to feature ratio is incomparable in the present existing market. •Our machine can be economical to all farmers •Shells and nuts will be in separate • we can crack even small-sized nuts •Output will be maxed productive, as we save the crushing nuts
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