Portable Low Cost Mechanical Ventilator

3D Printable Mechanical Ventilator

Created on 2020.06.26 150 views
 A Mechanical Ventilator is a machine that helps a patient breathe (ventilate) when they are having surgery or cannot breathe on their Own Due to a critical illness .The patient is connected to the Ventilator with a hollow tube (artificial airway) that goes in thier mouth and down into thier main airway or trachea. In current status of world pandemic(COVID 19) hospital ventilaors are one of the biggest shortages .That'sway we building an innovative low-cost ventilator and making the design available online for free,allowing quick access for hospitals around the world .The parts required to make this ventilator cost <$250 compared to the $30,000 of a typical ventilator.
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