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  Trains are one of the most important forms of transportation in the world today. Some are high-speed passenger trains, while others are cargo trains. Electrical trains are probably the most known and used one. power production and power consumption are two major points  present world is concentrating on. This can be achieved by reducing the power consumption or by increasing the power production. And we concentrated on the regeneration of power i.e not to reduce the consumption but to decrease its overall usage.   We concentrated on the trains which are taking the major source of power produced by power plants. Our motive is to  regenerate the power from the trains that can be used for the same or the other purposes. v In most trains, the power ranges anywhere between 5000 to 7000 horsepower.      1HP= 760 watts Problem identified- 1.At present electricity is the major and becoming only source for the trains which non-renewable and costly 2.The major part of the power produced in the power plant is using for railways. solution- 1.To produce the power by the method of regeneration 2.As the train travels at  the high speed, there is the possibilities to produce the power 3.Install a small housing over the train bogies that can regenerate the power Advantages: • Installation cost is low • Easy to install and repair • Overall consumption of the power decreases • Less impact on train speed 
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