PYRO- A Sanitizing Robot

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The coronavirus has affected our society and livelihood. To regain back our lifestyle we need to keep our environment clean and healthy. Our project, PYRO-A Sanitizing Robot helps in achieving this task. With widespread infection and improper technology for sanitization, our robot can help in overcoming these problems. It is a fully autonomous robot which helps in sanitizing of surroundings using UV-C tubes. Provide low cost Sanitizing Robot. Safety is ensured without any hindrance to people working around the places where the Robot will traverse. Human Intervention is not required as the system is FULLY AUTONOMOUS. It will travel along the entire floor space emitting UV-C radiation only along its way on the floor and the walls faced by the light. Since, in this fight with COVID-19, we all have to stand strong and ensure that no lapses are entertained. This system will be deployed in hospitals and commercial spaces where the chances of virus spreading is higher.  It is a four wheel drive which will be used to disinfect the Hospital Area and Commercial Space. It is fully autonomous using UVC Tubes. The UVC tubes  are placed at positions which ensures efficient sanitization. The Drive consists of Microcontroller (Arduino) which controls the motor driver and is being powered by the power distribution board. Motor Driver is used to drive the four wheels with the help of motors. The sensor data we get as input is fused with each other using autonomous exploration algorithm which helps us get a 3D mapped image of the surroundings. This image gives us the accurate distance and angle of an obstacle/object from the robot as output so that it can avoid it easily.As there are multiple sensors the field of view is wide and the results are more accurate. Primarily Hospitals and Commercial Workspaces like offices, colleges, schools, and public transport, etc where there is a high probability of spread of virus. The revenue is designed in a way where there will be an option to buy and/or rent our product. 35% of the profit earned from this will be donated to families of medical professionals,which lost their loved ones in this fight.  
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