Prototype Car

Created on 2020.06.20 102 views
I´m Eduardo, I am studying architecture, but I have always loved cars very much, that's why I wanted to do this project. I have always believed that designing a car require a lot of creativity, every detail, every line, every part of the car is very important and beautiful. And it was a challenge I wanted to accept. Even I didn't know how to design a car, I started by looking for inspiration in the cars I've always loved. I started reading the blueprints and started imagine how would I like my car looks like. I started by sketching and the I had to do my idea in a CAD program to define my frontal, back and side views to start generating my 3D model. It was a difficult part but I really learn a lot about 3D programs and I really love my final result. That's why I am posting it here. This project shows me that it does not matter what are you or what are you studying, if you want to do something you can do it, "if you can imagine it, you have to create it". This is my first idea of my "dream car". And even this project is complete, I know that there's a lot things to keep on working to create something even better. 
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