Replica 55

A wooden Seaplane

Created on 2018.06.21 338 views
The “Team S 55” is a group of enthusiastic engineering students at the Politecnico di Torino. The objective of the team is to help to build a flying replica of the historic S 55 aircraft as part of the wider "Replica55" project (, the student team is carrying out the necessary analysis of aerodynamics, flight mechanics and structural analysis. The team also deals with laboratory tests on models and on real scale, with the definition of the flight envelope and with loads, including a sophisticated dynamic analysis of the impact on the water. It also aims to build a scale model in order to validate the simulation techniques used. The model presented here is made with Solidworks from the original drawings of the S 55 and is complete in every bolt!  In some details the design has been modernised to increase the safety of the seaplane as needed for the EASA certification, and also to save time and money during the production phase. We spent about 5000 hours seated in front of the pc to design the entire Cad and other thousands to do the simulations… but it was worth it! Follow us on Facebook:
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