Robotic Arm

Automation of a 3 D.o.F arm and a pedestal for a Dynamic environment

Created on 2020.06.16 580 views
  • The purpose of this Robot Automation project is to design a system whose basic function is to navigate and avoid obstacles, in a static or dynamic environment. The autonomous moving system detects the obstacles and then redirects its path accordingly, in order to avoid it. 
  • The main source of intelligence for the planned system is soft-wired into a Raspberry Pi module. The Arduino is interfaced with the Raspberry Pi. The motors and other actuators that are responsible for the motion of the robot will be connected to the controller through a motor driver circuit. 
  • The robot is incorporated with three ultrasonic sensors to detect obstacles and also find the proximity of it in terms of how far the obstacle is. A Microsoft Kinect camera device will be used to identify moving obstacles and also to make sure the arm reaches the exact co-ordinates. 
  • The arm structure is made of sheet metal. A bevel gear is used to actuate the forearm and the upper arm is rigid which is attached to a pedestal. The pedestal navigates using a kiwi drive, made of 3 Omni wheels which are placed 120 degrees apart. The end effector is a magnetic picker. The arm provides 3 degrees of freedom and together with the pedestal, the whole Robot constitutes 5 Degrees of Freedom.
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