Rocker-Bogie Design

Rocker-Bogie Suspension design

Created on 2020.06.24 108 views
  • The Rocker-Bogie Suspension design has become a proven mobility application known for its superior vehicle stability and obstacle-climbing capability.
  • The rocker-bogie design consisting of no springs and stub axles in each wheel which allows the chassis to climb over any obstacles, such as rocks, ditches, sand, etc. that are up to double the wheel's diameter in size while keeping all wheels on the ground maximum time. As compared to any suspension system, the tilt stability is limited by the height of the center of gravity and the proposed system has the same. 
  • As per the research it is find that the rocker bogie system reduces the motion by half compared to other suspension systems because each of the bogie's six wheels has an independent mechanism for motion and in which the two front and two rear wheels have individual steering systems which allow the vehicle to turn in place as 0 degree turning ratio. Every wheel also has thick cleats which provides grip for climbing in soft sand and scrambling over rocks with ease. 
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