Rotary crane

Load capacity 32 t

Created on 2020.04.28 116 views
The developed project is a project of a rotary crane with a lifting capacity of 32 t equipped with 4 hoists. The crane is mounted on a track with a span of 18000mm. The track consists of beams with a HEB 400 section. The gantry itself consists of several assemblies: main structure, ring with trolleys that move in a circle, auxiliary structure, 4 hoists with a lifting capacity of 8 tons each. Each of the girders is terminated with a set of trolleys. Each of the four trucks is equipped with 16 road wheels - of which 4 are individually driven. In the case of this mechanism as well as the entire crane, gearmotors were used, which allow to eliminate from the kinematic system additional elements, such as clutches or additional propeller shafts. The gear motor drives a pinion connected to the gear wheel teeth. In addition, for the entire project it was decided to unify some elements such as road wheels, bogie construction. If the device is put into production, this reduces production times and reduces the range of spare parts. There are 4 hoists under the crane - 2 in the right and 2 in the left. They are equipped with a symmetrical 4/2 rope system. The hoist drive mechanism consists of the same components as the crane travel mechanism. The project took 1st place in the competition organized by DPS Software in 2019.
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