Safety Ride

Safety device for alternative transport

Created on 2020.05.11 150 views
  • Objective:
The project aims to create a safety device that serves all alternative transport users in terms of safety, hygiene and ease of use.
  • Description:.
Tha goal of the project is the development of a safety device for alternative transport companies. The device is a helmet that works with IoT (Internet of Things), communicating with the company's application by sending data from a pressure sensor, only releasing the mean the transport if it know that the helmet is being used by the user. In addition, the helmet also has a hygienic refill of 50 plastic films that can be discarded after each user wears it. The structure of the helmet was made using CATIA from the 3DExperience platform, together with the SIMULIA software to perform the necessary simulations for the safety of this project. The structural simulation was carried out to evaluate the impact pressure response according to the regulated by CONTRAN.  
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