Sanitization of masks and other medical equipment's

To design and develop the first working prototype to disinfect and treat used masks and other medical equipments

Created on 2020.06.25 261 views
As the COVID-19 pandemic enters its second month (April 2020) in the United States, one of the simplest pieces of medical equipment is in desperately short supply: medical-grade protective facemasks, typically engineered and specified for a single use only. Now, to meet the critical and quickly intensifying need, Chinese and American engineers are devising new procedures for decontaminating and reusing masks that hospitals already have on hand. According to a technical bulletin from 3M (Maplewood, MN), the largest manufacturer of N95 masks in the United States, there are four criteria a good decontamination method should satisfy: • Be effective against the target organism, such as the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19. • Not damage the respirator’s filtration. • Not affect the respirator’s fit. • Be safe for the person wearing it. The ways which we have used to disinfect are • Steaming • UV Light • Rubbing Alcohol Conclusion: All the three methods will kill the viruses but the accuracy plays very vital role here.  
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