Self-Glow fan

A table fan which generates electricity while working.

Created on 2019.06.15 23 views
Fans are the most used items in India. Since the initial cost of solar system is still quit high, when it comes to generate power for a domestic use, energy saving and energy generating is a major issue for mankind. so we did the method of generating power by table fan. The generated power can be either used or can be store in battery for glowing a bulb. This project is mainly based on energy recycle process and power generation. The main motto of this project is to reduces the utilization of electrical energy by the method of energy recycle process which is being generated from a very common electrical appliance i.e. a table fan presents in our houses, offices. We developing a proposal for an extremely efficient table fan that can actually make use of energy stored from its own repetitive motion. As you switch off the button, the dissipated kinetic energy can be stored and converted into electricity.
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