Self Powered Rape and Accident Detection Watch

watch runs on body heat

Created on 2020.06.26 45 views
Generally, in the case of rape, the victim tries to resist the offender by shaking her hands and shouting loudly. We use that motion and sound to detect that something wrong is happening. ´The motion sensor, sound sensor and GPS module come into action and sends the message through GSM module and alert the police and ambulance and also provide GPS location to reach the spot quickly. These three sensors are interlinked and activate quickly if the above-mentioned activities are taking place. Ok, now you may ask that what will happen if the system was automatically ON when she is in a disco or somewhere. To answer your question, if the system is triggered, the watch starts vibrating for 10 seconds, if you press the OFF button within this time, the system will come to rest state. using the Seeback effect we produce voltage from the temperature difference between our body and atmosphere temperature. and we this power to 5 volts which is useful for running the sensors and circuitry. hence this watch runs for the lifetime without charging or replacing batteries. This reduces lots of toxic waste that produce during the batteries manufacturing and during decomposing and finally helps nature stand in its position.
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