Muffler for bike

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PROBLEM STATEMENT: Road Transport is a significant and growing contributor to particulate air pollution exposures. The total contribution of transport to particulate air pollution can vary widely, from 12%-70% of the total pollution mix and a large proportion of urban air pollution. In the automobile sector pollution created by bike was not consider that much but superbike which has a maximum of 4 cylinders and generated more power with more pollutant gas. Generally bike mufflers did not reduce the contamination of exhaust harmful gas.  PROBLEM SOLUTION: To reduce the harmful contamination it was necessary to change the Chemical composition of exhaust gas so for that, we used extended small pipe which being atmospheric air directly into the muffler chamber. The fast flowing exhaust gas has high velocity so, once it enters in muffler it was moving very fast to the atmosphere side because of pressure difference so, it was very necessary to reduce flow to gas speed for that we used multi-chamber muffler so atmospheric gas can easily mix with exhaust gases. PRODUCT DETAILS: In this design, we used 3 outlets small pipe for each chamber. This pipe was brought fresh outside air into the muffler. There was one restrictor for flow because when the bike on almost in steady condition just like in traffic there were changes to pass exhaust gas into this 2 pipe and move outside so, to avoid this problem I used one valve. This valve opens in only one direction and closes when airspeed was decreasing. The atmospheric air mixed with exhaust gas like CO, NOx, hydrocarbons. The chemical reaction between O2 and exhaust gas helps to convert CO to Co2 which was less harmful gas then CO. [1]2CO + O2 → CO2 Same with the NOx and hydrocarbons. [2] CxHy + O2 → CO2 + H2O. [3] 2NO → N2 + O2
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