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Catia v5


6th Fan Votes Winner - 2015 edition

Created on 2016.05.30 226 views

Sınır 6x6 manned armored personnel carrier vehicle designed to be used in the battle field and social events, and offers modern armored vehicle users to strategic advantages, which are specifically designed for today's scenario, '' Sınır'' is wheeled armored combat vehicle.
The lightest vehicle in its class with 12,750 Kg Border has independent suspension system and from each other. The damage to the environment (emission) is considered to be halved lithium-ion battery vehicle's electric motor is applied to the lower base and has provided the movement with a diesel engine 1090 Km Range Found Limit 115 Km Speed ​​can reach 160 cm in length can pass easily from trenches .Duru to by 6x6 and 6x4 driving All axles the vehicle has the feature required kitlenebilmektedir.6 + 2 is the seating capacity is moved personnel use the large volumes of .6158 mm long border with integrated features for .Amfib area with a rotation can feature a smaller diameter than its competitors SINIR 6x6 There are also 2 water turbine .
.Araç Through the glass in the front providing views high angle of possible emergency and is growing angle Thanks to the cameras around the vehicle .Ola in the event of an accident on the upper part of the vehicle and the rear door output can .Toplumsal event, the gendarmerie, the police, it will be able to be used in emergency vehicles .
The solid disc wheels are placed provides the opportunity to take the lead flat tire.
1125 PN -30 mm diameter wheels, tropical, desert and thrust performance by reducing the cold northern climate to work in more difficult conditions and in every condition a structure that will not interfere with transportation.
6x6 border by the user through body armor systems with modular design can be brought to the desired level of protection.n

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