Smart Assembly Process DELMIA - APSSDC


Created on 2020.06.18 141 views
DELMIA allows Industrial equipment manufacturers to control and optimize their manufacturing and supply chain operations across  models in digitally design. It provides manufacturers with a system for planning, scheduling, executing, and measuring results which should be accurate after implemented in real time.  For increasing a company's productivity they will hire huge workers and also huge numbers of industrial equipment to reach their make, it is a time taking and money investing process. DELMIA is used in assembly workstations where huge numbers of parts are assembled in a proper sequence. here we digitally make a product flow in various manner to understand a process flow, after creating numbers of flow we can calculate time in Manufacturing System Gantt chart and know better product flow which will be represented in real time. Process Planning creates an arrangement of number of parts in planned structure in a linked manner to perform time analysis, which will also help us to minimize rework and decrease working time.
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