Smart Cubic Reconnaissance Satellite

Islamabad , Pakistan Created on 2017.06.07 234 views
Piezoelectric materials are widely used as smart structure in cubic reconnaissance satellites because of their sensing, actuating and energy harvesting abilities. In this research work, analytical model is developed under specified mechanical thermal shocking conditions. A special circuit and apparatus is designed for experimentation. It is based on inverse piezoelectric effect using equivalent circuit method to find the relationship between resistance and peak to peak voltage of Lead Zirconate Titanate (PZT-5A4E) for cubic reconnaissance satellites. Shocked these at variable frequencies and at variable resistances under various mechanical thermal shocking conditions and numerical simulations are carried out at various mechanical loading to determine the accumulative effect of the specified conditions. This model provides novel mechanism for characterizing smart structures. It was found that on increasing temperature peak to peak voltage increases, on increasing frequency peak to peak voltage decreases and on increasing resistance peak to peak voltage decreases. From experimentation and simulation the optimum resistance at variable frequency and temperature is predicted which has various applications in field of smart structures for cubic reconnaissance satellites. The response of the analytical calculations to the experimental and numerical calculations is within good agreement within 10% of error.
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