Smart Rescue System Using UAVs And Object Recognition - APSSDC/ANU

For Identification of the trapped people in floods and other Natural Calamities

Created on 2020.06.15 132 views
Has done stress analysis and identified the pressure points. using the result we distributed the weight for more stable flight. Nowadays floods and natural calamities are more often and rescuing the people becoming a challenging situation for rescue teams, the main problem rescue people are facing is the identification of the trapped people in the disaster. Our project solves this issue by autonomously flying in the flooded region and it identifies the trapped people and send their location to the ground and rescue team and mark their location on the map, which makes easier for rescue team as they directly go to that place and rescue them. This saves valuable time and saves a life.  this all system doest use internet which may compromise in emergency or flood situation so we used LoRa for Drone communication.
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