Smart Tool Box - KESER

College project done in SolidWorks

Bosnia & Herzegovina
Created on 2019.06.11 360 views
SMART TOOL BOX - KESER Hello! A team of 5 people had a project at college to do our custom own design of a tool box. So we decided to do a custom industrial tool box, named KESER.  The tool box was made in SolidWorks and every part of it in assembly has the ability to move like it should do in real life.  The tool box has different variations of colors and there is also a removable, smaller tool box for carrying heavier tools and driving it through the exp. company. It also has RFID recognition, the ability to scan tools inside of it, a dehumidifier to avoid any rusting on the tools and etc. The base construction of the box, trays were 3D modeled in sheet metal so every part can be unfolded and folded.
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