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The Sofa is the epicentre of domestic life. The sofa is a place to lie down quietly at the end of a hard day’s battling and stare at the ceiling or to spend quality time with their children. The sofa is the one place in the house where everyone can sit in a pile in comfort and watch TV ,have important family discussion or to plan future course of action!  Sofa Set is driven by consumers. Everything from strategy, vision, innovation, product definition, manufacturing methods— even the way of selling and delivering—must be consumer-driven. Brands must put consumers at the center of decision-making. Why? Because today's consumers have nearly limitless choices. It’s not good enough to simply offer desirable products; brands, manufacturers and retailers in Furniture industries must create new products and experiences that improve the consumer lifestyle and inspire new ways of living. Furniture companies need the best digital solution that covers the entire process, from innovative idea to delighted consumer, The finest way to do so is by showing large variety of furniture to suit the Consumer to match their home theme and preferences. The best way to do so is in 3D EXPERIENCE Platform where the sofa set of different shape and sizes can be shown to the consumer and let their creative instincts take over when it comes to customization. Our Project Theme is to make a Sofa set E-Catalog where the consumer can experience different views and angle of their desired sofa set selection using 3D Experience Platform instead of looking at a pamphlet/brochure where there is  limited scope. All the Models are fully Parametric where it can be easily change shape and size of the product with just few click to show different variants or the next model itself. The E- Catalog is done by implementing Enterprise Knowledge language (EKL) where multiple sofa sets are present in 1 3DXML File format, where the consumer can look at different Sets of sofa within the same file which saves alot of time by reducing importing or calling from the cloud.
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