Solar vehicle Modeling


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Sunlight is now-a-days considered to be a source of energy which is implemented in various day to day applications. Solar energy is being used to produce electricity through sunlight. The solar cells collect a portion of the sun’s energy and store it into the batteries of the solar car. After the energy is stored in the batteries, it is available for use by the motor & motor controller to drive the car. The vehicle which we are going to design is for 2 persons. It will be a new model of electrical vehicle. The type of panel which we are going to use is mono crystalline solar panel. The differential will be used to transmit power from motor to wheel and for steering purpose rack and pinion mechanism is used. We are going to couple a generator to the shaft to convert the rotary power during deacceleration. For emergency cases we are going to use charging socket for charging purpose. The software used for designing of the vehicles are SOLIDWORKS and for analysis purpose we are going to use the SIMULIA software. In this photo shows this is not a model we are creating a model like that.  
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