Freedom wheelchair – A mobility aid using rocker bogie mechanism

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                                   Physically challenged people face many problems in commuting. They cannot move on plane surfaces, uneven areas and in stepped paths without an attender. By taking all those into consideration we have designed a light weight wheel chair by using Rocker Bogie Mechanism that would permit the mobility in different terrains. Every wheel can contact the ground simultaneously on uneven terrain therefore this mechanism can maintain a stable condition. It consists of motors, battery, links and wheels. User can control the vehicle by using the joystick placed on the right side handle (optional) of the vehicle. By operating the joystick the vehicle can be moved forward, backward, left & right directions.                                                                                                                                               The Rocker-Bogie Mobility system was designed to be used at slow speeds. It is capable of overcoming obstacles. However, when moving over a sizable obstacle, the vehicles motion effectively stops while the front wheel climbs the obstacle. When operating at low speed dynamic shocks are minimized. In order to go over an obstacle, the front wheels are forced against the obstacle by the rear wheels. The rotation of the front wheel then lifts the front of the vehicle up and over the obstacle. The middle wheel is then pressed against the obstacle by the rear wheel and pulled against the obstacle by the front, until it is lifted up and over. Finally, the rear wheel is pulled over the obstacle by the front two wheels. During each wheel’s traversal of the obstacle, forward progress of the vehicle is slowed or completely halted.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 The objective of using this mechanism is to reduce the energy consumption and the centre of mass of the bogie is displaced vertically. The main objective of this project is to provide a comfortable riding for the physically challenged person to climb stairs without being dependent on others for help. It can also help him/her to travel in the rough terrains with little effort.     ADVANTAGES The advantages of wheel chair with the addition of rocker bogie mechanism are as follows:
  1. It’s installation is easy.
  2. The speed can be controlled over a very wide range.
  3. It provides a high starting torque.
  4. Quick starting, stopping, reversing and acceleration are possible.
  5. It can climb obstacles of twice its wheel diameter.
  6. The vehicles can traverse on plane, stepped, rough terrains easily because of higher tractive force obtained due to presence of 6 wheels.
FUTURE SCOPE We can also improve the stability of the wheel chair when it is travelling on uneven terrains by placing shock absorbers. Then the person sitting in the wheel chair can travel with more comfort
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