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I'm an ESTIA student in Bachelor of engineering in Biarritz, France and I had a modelling 3D test. The subject was to do a complex model with the tool : GENERATIVE SHAPES DESIGN. I had a dream : design the TIE INTERCEPTOR ship. With very few experience (only tutorials) in generative shapes design I started working on that for my exam. The time was limited (few weeks).   I started by printing the blueprint, measuring all geometrics and then reproducing the TIE. Little by little I was enjoying more and more designing each of the details that were more and more precise. I success the exam and I obtained the best grade. I make this first model in 2 weeks beside my classes in Bachelor.   At the end of the first space ship, I asked myself "But this model don't have any curve or splines, am I able to design a space ship with only curves and spline ?"  So I challenged myself and I made the second space ship (NABOO N1) to prove to me that I was able to design anything from blueprints only. For this ship I figured out that the printing of blueprint was useless, and thanks to the 3DEXP tool SKETCH TRACER I placed different view in the design space. Always in an effort to go further, I told myself that reproducing existing models was not enough. So I figured out how to make sense of my project. To create a ship that would be a fusion of the previous two. A modeling combining geometrical net shapes (TIE) and long curves in 3 dimensions (Naboo). Even from the "STAR WARS" point of view it makes sense, it's the fusion between the force and the dark side. So I named this new ship the 3DS - WINGS as a tribute to this contest. I took 15H to model this one. Finally I decided to produce an animated video that would use the codes of a star wars movie. Because an image is good but 3D does not stand out, unlike a video.  Thanks to this project I was able to develop my ability to be autonomous because I made everything from A to Z. My skills in video editing, 3D animation and realistic rendering. And today I'm really proud of how far I've come, I started with a bet between friends and I ended up producing a STAR WARS video for the Project of the Year 2020 contest. I practice modelling on Catia v6 and 3DExp for 1 year and a half and I made great progress, I want to launch my 3Dexp  tutorials youtube channel soon. I want to do my job in the 3D model world.
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