street racing car with wide body kit (NEXUS)

Street racing car designed in SOLIDWORKS

Created on 2020.04.24 180 views
So this was my first time working in a project this big. i used solidworks 2017 to design this car from scratch, so firstly i uploaded the blueprints of car in each plane and and decided what type of look i want to give my car. i started with surfacing tool and created half body of car then started to add grill, lights, windows, curves, windsheild, sunroof exhaust pipes and all that other stuff. and then at last i mirrored the whole thing with respect to right plane and i had the body. then i designed the wheels and by using assembly feature i had what i needed, the whole car then with the appearance tool i gave the color and texture and final look of the vehicle and then at last rendered the project. and trust me this was a great experience i am in my 1st year of college and i learned it all on my own and its my 3rd project.
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