Surface model of supersonic fighter jet.

Forward-swept wings

Created on 2020.04.20 320 views
Hi! My passion is aircraft, so i decided to use catia, as it was made for, to design this surface model. Working with this project gave me a lot o experience and teached how to solve problems i find. I won't write too much because we are here not to write but to model, just see my project and decide for yourself if you like it! Facts about forward-swept wings is that kind of wings aerodynamically are way better than "normal wing configuration" in use in combat jets, but they have one great defect, they are not good at stealth technology, times before "stealth" were for them, but in this configuration the wings are very twisted, which made the constructions unabel to do until technology developed and composite materials appeared there. But this is not time for this story.. :) Whole surface model is made surfaces connected by g1 or g2 continuity, except just few of them, good surfaces are made by good curves, also with g1or g2 continuity, every part of this surface model is fully constrained. After dissamble of it 620 surfaces are formed, to create it I used almost ~160 planes and about ~180sketches. After all thank you all for giving me chance to participate in this great contest, and giving me opportunity to obtain a great 3D experience . :) Best regards, Michał  
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