SWRO Plant design

Sea water reverse osmosis desalination plant design

Created on 2018.06.26 611 views
Design for a SWRO ( Sea Water Reverse Osmosis) plant with capacity of 12,000 m3/day of water. The average use for person is 150 L/day of fresh drinking water. The plant consists of 4 main areas: 1- Intake building 2- Pre filteration area 3- RO building. 4-product area. Plus 2 intake towers which immersed in the sea water, 2 intake pipe lines and 1 out fall pipe line.  The intake system is designed to supply up to daily production 24000 m3/day of fresh drinking water. All calculations have been done for all these areas with water in pipe speed not to exceed 3m/s and made of different material according to working pressure; HDPE, stainless steel 316L and PVC pipes. SolidWorks was used to model the whole plant, Sheet metal module has been used for the fabrication of MMF and special made Pipe fittings, Weldments module for all steel structure buildings, Pipe routing to route each piping systems, drawing tools to get the engineering drawings, And to get B.O.M for the plant Also we used SolidWorks visualize and photoview 360 to get real rendered pictures. This is the Zero revision of the project and still working to develop.
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