Taxis in the air

New solution to make roads less busy

Toulouse, France Created on 2018.04.28 208 views
Here is my vision for the future of air city transport. In fact, to say true, I imagined this design after I discovered Volocopter prototype flying powered by its 18 small electrical engines. My design called Humming Bird is a one seat VTOL powered by 4 electrical propelled engines. The project is to permit people to access the air transport way in order to save time instead of taking public transport. The final aim of it is to reduce drastically the pollution in big cities. I worked alone on the design and specifications of this VTOL. How did I achieve it ? I created many parts of the Humming Bird with Part Design in CATIA V5 but for some of them, I had to use Generative Shape Design to create complex parts as window, and propellers of engines. After that, I used Assembly Design to put them in order of use. Finally I made an crash analysis to see if any part was interfering with another in order to deliver a sustainable design. I hope you enjoyed my vision of the future! Please let me know if you have any question.
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