Test setup for Overspeed Governors used in lifts.

Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria

Created on 2019.06.17 608 views
This design project is done by Vishal Kharabe at his Undergraduate fellowship at Technical University of Sofia (TUS), Bulgaria in the Vertical transportation department, under the guidance of Prof. Kalin Chuchuganov. An overspeed governor is an elevator device which acts as a stopping mechanism in case the elevator runs beyond its rated speed. TUS has a certification laboratory in which these overspeed governors are tested and certified so that they can be used in European countries. Various types of governors from different countries like China, Japan, USA, etc. are tested and certified there. TUS currently has an overspeed governor testing setup which has some flaws while testing and also its size is big. In this project a new testing setup is designed using CATIA V5R21 and all the flaws in the old setup are eliminated and it is made compact and also movable. Sensors are also incorporated in the test setup for the sake of data acquisition. Two type of tests are carried on the setup- 1. Switch test - Measures the speed using tacho-generator of the overspeed governor when it is tripped. Tripping occurs when speed of the lift exceeds governors rated speed, which is the safe operating speed for lifts. 2. Tension test - Measures the tensile force using force transducer produced in the overspeed governer when it is tripped.
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