Generate Electricity from the waste heat while cooking

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Therman: Generate Electricity from the waste heat while cooking When cooking on a gas stove a considerable amount of heat energy is wasted. Our device “Therman” can trap heat emitted while combustion and can produce additional usable energy in the form of electricity and it also reduces the cooking time by concentrating the whole heat at the cooking vessel.. Therman works on the principle of the Seebeck effect. It makes use of Thermo Electric Modules to produce electricity. This electricity can be used for charging phones and gadgets, lighting purposes, driving compactable exhaust fans or kitchen chimneys, charge devices while camping, and various other appliances. SOLIDWORKS's integrated analytical tools and design automation helped us to design and manufacture our product. It enabled us seamlessly in design, assembly, sheet metal work, weldments, rendering, drawing, animation. Thermal analysis played a major role in product testing.
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