Tron Legacy VR glasses

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Created on 2020.04.20 114 views
VR glasses are very popular nowadays and so are action movies. What would happen if we combined these elements together? That’s the question I wanted to answer while creating this product.   My plan was to create a VR glasses to make it possible to watch a movie with the most interactive experience. Inspired by Tron Legacy.   Tron Legacy is a futuristic movie where the motorbikes, with matching helmets, make up a key element in the story. One of the things that I wanted to achieve within this concept was creating the illusion the user is experiencing the movie.   The VR glasses work by clamping your phone in the holder on the right side. This then slides back into the glasses after connecting the headphones. If you can’t see anything, you can use the left wheel to adjust the lenses and the right wheel to move the phone until the image becomes clear. The VR glasses slide over your ears in a way that the built-in headphone speakers deliver the movie sound to your ears. The sliding clamp, together with the cushions, assures the right comfortable fit on your head. This is important to optimal experience the film with these glasses.   These futuristic VR glasses are the perfect solution for watching Tron Legacy as if you are a part in the movie.   #3DEXPERIENCE #SOLIDWORKS #poty2020 #dassaultsystemes
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