Two Seater Solar Car ‘A Dream to Reality’


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Hello Friends, We are team 'Arkayanam' Mr. Manish Mittha, Mr. Jayesh Pawar, Dr.Shriniwas S. Metan from NK Orchid College of Engineering & Technology Solapur, developed a “Two Seater Solar Vehicle”. There are many challenges associated with most of the SI/CI engine cars today which can be fixed by a Solar Panel Car. Today's cars consume high amounts of gas and produce exhaust, which is harmful to the environment also the vehicle exhaust norms becoming stringent (BS-VI). The depletion of crude oil is again one of the challenges in the future. Therefore, a lot of research is focused on EV Cars manufacturing by big players in the automotive sectors. Even by 2024 around 40 % of the vehicles running on the road will be EV vehicles. To take this research one step ahead a lot of companies are focusing their efforts on Solar Vehicles. Solar cars have the capability to eliminate the above problems because solar energy is clean, renewable energy which is haggard from the Sun, a natural resource. In the present work, the detailed design and development of Two Seater Solar Vehicle with 3D modeling and analysis by using the 3D EXPERIENCE Platform is done successfully. We have designed and developed a 3D model of Chassis System in 3D Experience Part design, and assembly has been done in the assembly design App. We have used different types of tools like a loft, extrude, rib commands, etc. We have done wheel assembly, brake assembly, steering, power transmission, Overall car assembly done in 3D Experience Platform with the tool like part design, Generative, wireframe and Surface design, mechanical System Design, Generative Shape Design, and assembly design. For Car airflow simulation Purpose fluid model and Fluid Scenario, and for component Force analysis purpose Static Study, Structural Model, and Structural Scenario. After the modeling, all the Parts were purchased and manufacturing was started. About 50% of manufacturing has been completed. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the work was stopped. We need 4 more weeks to complete the manufacturing and testing of the vehicle. This Project is developed on Solidworks as well as on 3DExperience platform . The vehicle parts were 3D modeled and then assembly is made. Simulation and analysis is also done. Please refer all the images and both the videos one vehicle developed in 3DExperience and other in Solid works platform. Hope you all understood the Dynamics behind developing this innovative 3D Experience-based Two-seater Solar vehicle
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