It takes more BLUE and less YELLOW to stay GREEN

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ULTRABOX is the complete solution for power and water requirements. With the depleting and degrading water quality and the lack of power in rural areas, ULTRABOX comes into play. ULTRABOX is easy to install, portable enough to go trekking and camping, without worrying about the basic requirements of a power and drinkable water source. ULTRABOX uses solar panels not only for the potential energy source but also for heating of water instantly and making it potable, thanks to the setup of CopperTubes, Glass shield, and Aluminium Plate for enhancing heating capability and the 3 layered microfiltration system. "Everything comes at a cost" but not ULTRABOX ,with the lowest possible resources used in the best possible way ULTRABOX stands out hence can be available for the minimum price. Its applications are limitless, from setup in rural areas to adventurous road trips to low costing water filter and energy source for the Urban households, and let's not forget about charging our gadgets! Because who needs a power bank when you have all-in-one ULTRABOX.
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