Unreal Sportbike

Crazy motorcycle designed by Adi paX Pandzic and students from faculty of Mechanical Engineering Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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This is one crazy project that can be example to every professor, educator, product designer and skilled user of solidworks who have to help new generations to work with them and teach them this amazing software and unlimited stuff that you can do with Solidworks. I am Adi paX Pandzic phD student of faculty of Mechanical Engineering Sarajevo, from small country Bosnia and Herzegovina. I am also higher professor assistant on same faculty and founder of CGPdesign team (www.cgp.ba , www.facebook.com/cgpdesign). This project have long and amazing story, i started this project with my professor Vahid Avdić, when i was student of final year for master degree. Idea was to built some large scale 3D model using Solidwokrs becouse that will be best way to learn Solidworks with my professor now BIG friend Vahid. In that periond i couldnt find any place to learn Solidworks in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Vahid was CAD professor and he started to work with Solidworks too, but on faculty we didnt have any subject that i could learn Solidworks, and we still dont have :(. So Vahid accepted to hellp me and work with me, after few days we decided to build full scale motorcycle with all parts. When i told him this, he was confused heeheh but after some time he said "I am in", and that was the begining. First problems were that we dont have any drawings of parts, any dimensions, so i spent so many time to find dimensions of frame becouse that is what i have to 3D design first, after few weeks when i showed 3D model of frame to Vahid, i saw on his face "a smile of pleasure", and that was for him proof that i am serious with this. And i was working with him for few months, and it was really hard to 3D design every part, becouse one motorcycle have soo many parts, assemblyes, subassemblyes etc. In this period i also had idea to create CGPdesign team, engineering and product design team, with idea to teach our students from Bosnia and Herzegovina this amazing Solidworks becouse i know they were in same situation like me too. And we started to doing solidworks free education here in Sarajevo for everyone who want to learn Solidworks, and also Vahid was doing free online tutorials for Solidworks, Autocad and Catia V5 on youtube and on Bosnian language. We were doing everything to hellp our students and citizens, becouse our country was in war 20 years ago, and really still its not good situation here, its hard for students to study and to find job here. I was going through this situation too, and i saw with Solidworks i really can find good job, and job that i like to do, product design and engineering. So with this CGPdesign team we create facebook page, after while and web site, and started to promoting solidworks and 3D design becouse it wasnt so popular here in Bosnia at that period, even our Professors from biggest faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Bosnia didnt use Solidworks, maybe few of them and that wast some skill... So after few months, Vahid was so bussy and could hellp me a lot, and i was doing this job alone, day by day working ond my bike heheh. And after a while, i think abouth that i could invite few students to work with me, that could be great for them becouse through this project i will teach them Slidworks, and they can work on really big project and get new skills, and see how is to work in a team etc., Vahid also told me that was a good idea. Next problem was where to find students becouse Solidworks is something new here, so we create a big free solidworks education, i think in that education we have abouth 200-250 students in many groups, and idea was after finishing basic solidworks education we will create commpetition and best students will work with us on this project. When i showed my idea to students that i want to built with them whole motorcycle thew were looking at me and telling me there is no way hehehe. After this education i chose 6 students (Adnan Tiro, Arnel Hero, Admir Supic, Asim Cosic, Matej Pezer, Adnan Supic) to work with me on this amazing project. And that is how this amazing project started. We were working for abouth one and half year on this project. We spent amazing time together, we get new friends with this project. We had and good days and really hard day, becouse we have soo many problems, but i love those problems becouse we can learn on them. The best way to learn something is when you have problem and do everything to succsess. Those six students have task to 3D design whole engine and almost all mechanical parts, CPU, NOS etc. Everything else like frame, front fork, suspensions, gastank, plastics, wheels and tires, brakes etc. was my mission. And after one and half year we succsess to finish this amazing project. We promote whole this project on our facebook page and also share whole data on popular CAD website www.grabcad.com where we also won Grabcad Golden Gear Award for best team work. We where on many TV shows with our student with only one mission, to promote students and new generation, and to show our country and or politician and whole world that students from Bosnia can doo amazing job too. Every group of young talented people if they want to work together they can do everythig, there is no limit. In field of engineering and product design Solidworks give us everything that we need, really amazing amazing software for those who have crazy ideas. After finishing this project i have done amazing renders and that was "boom" here in Bosnia eheheh. Every web portal share this story. We have so many support from other engineer and companys from whole world. Every student that was working on this project after this easily found job that i promised them. One student opened company named Argerr here in Sarajevo and he was working for companys like Ducati, Nascar etc. This was one really amazing story how Solidworks connect us, hellp us to get amazing friends and to do really good project called "PINKI Sportbike" (dont ask me why PINKI heheheeh, Vahid gave this name, and i still dont know why heeheh). Those renders that i am sending is PINKI sportbike but i do some redesign on plastics and colours. I hope you will read whole text, sorry on my errors in text! Thank you SOLIDWORKS!!! Adi paX Pandzic
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