Urban Concept car

Urban vehicle designed for Shell Eco Marathon

Created on 2018.06.18 823 views
This is an exterior model of a car designed under the rules of Shell Eco Marathon, urban category. The future car based on this design will be used by the team of Technical University in Sofia, next year at Shell Eco Marathon London. The goal for the exterior design of the car is to obtain the lowest posible drag coefficient, thus minimizing the air resistance of the car for a better fuel economy. This is not the finished project, because in the final version, the front wheels will be covered, which are the main reason for high drag at these types of racing cars. This is my first atempt at rendering, so the results are pretty bad, but the idea is here. The last pictures are velocity plot and surface plot of relative pressure.  With a force of 6,6 N acting on a frontal area of 0.969 square meters, we have a Cd = 0.17, as there are some inaccuracies because of the lack of computing power, needed for accurate simulations. 
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