Back view of the "Tempête"
Interior : cockpit
Subsonic configuration 1
Subsonic configuration 2
Subsonic configuration 3
Interior + lights
Subsonic configuration 4
Subsonic configuration 5
Subsonic configuration 6
Plane for the President =)
Back view 2
SIide view
"Dark" Version 1
"Dark" Version 2
Realistic rendering 1
Realistic rendering 2
Sun Rise 1
Sun Rise 2
Sun Rise 3
Sun Rise 4
Sun Rise 5
Sun Rise 6
Sun Rise 7
Sun Rise 8
Sun Rise 9
Sun Rise 10
Interior of the plane 1
Interior of the plane 2
Interior of the plane 3
Interior of the plane 4
Interior of the plane 5

Variable-sweep wing Supersonic Liner : "Le Tempête"

3rd - Fans votes of POTY 2014 Edition

Created on 2016.05.17 147 views

I am a French student at ESTACA who wants to become an engineer in aeronautics.

This plane is my own project.

During my 3rd year at ESTACA I had to design a complete new aircraft using the software CATIA V5.
It is in fact the biggest project that ESTACA gives to its students in 3rd year.

My project consisted of the conception of a complete & innovative supersonic liner in order to take over from the mythic Concorde, issued from the Consortium between "Sud Aviation" and the "British Aircraft Corporation" during the late fifties.

I have decided to name it "Le Tempête"

As a consequence I focused my work on the lay out of the plane by drawing sketches called "Blue-prints" (scale 1/200). Several of these blueprints were drawn with a simple pencil and also by using the software Photoshop (for the concept plane on CATIA V5, scale 1/100)

My sources of inspiration were numerous. After a few moments, I have selected three different planes :

"Le Tempête" will be an innovative aircraft, with the lines and characteristics of :

- the Grumman "F-14 Tomcat" for "his" variable sweep wing
- the "SR-71 Blackbird"
- the "Concorde"

In order to take up the challenge, I have worked hard on the conception of this plane on CATIA V5 R19.
I have used essentially two workshops : "Generative Shape Design" (GSD) as well as "Freestyle" in order to create 3D splines

I only have a little experience on CATIA V5 (I've been using it only for 6 months) but I'm keeping learning new methods to improve my skills !

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