XMF-22 Mini Raptor

and XM-116 Tesla Turbofan Engines

United States
Created on 2020.06.13 66 views
This is a project that I started on a 4.5 hour cross country airline flight (Poetic, I know, lol). The design consists of an outer shell based off the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor. The control surfaces, flaps, rudders, vector control etc., were designed separately with the intention of giving them the ability to move. However, this was unsuccessful and, although all the control surfaces are finished, none of them move as of the time I am uploading this video. As a little bit extra though, I decided to make a cockpit inspired by that of the real life F-22. For reference, the XMF-22 (Experimental Mini Fighter) has a 2.1 meter wingspan with all dimensions scaled down. The crown jewel of the design however is the engine, which I called the XM-116 Tesla Turbofan Engines. They were actually a completely separate design made to be an option for my senior project in college. They were designed to be fully functioning turbofan jet engines inspired by the M-119 W&P engines utilized by the real F-22. But since no reliable reference material exists for them, I decided to create my own design utilizing concepts that I had learned in my own time regarding jet engines.
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