ANTENNA MAGUS Learning Edition

The Leading Antenna Design Tool

Antenna Magus is the most extensive antenna synthesis tool available today. It supports over 350 antenna types, which can be designed to meet the system criteria and exported to integrate seamlessly with your design workflow. Many additional tools and utilities useful for efficient antenna and array design or evaluation are also included.

Antenna Magus Learning Edition makes design capabilities for 12 popular antenna types available and can generate high quality simulation models of these designs. It can also be used to synthesize basic antenna arrays and includes a selection of useful utilities. All simulation models generated using Antenna Magus Learning Edition are fully compatible with CST Studio Suite and some models are also compatible with CST Studio Suite Student Edition

You can download the Antenna Magus Learning Edition free of charge from the SIMULIA Community.

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Antenna Tutorials

Antenna Magus Tutorials

To get started, Antenna Magus Tutorials are available here

Learning Resources

Tutorials and learning resources for Antenna Magus are available at this link:

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System requirements

Antenna Magus Learning Edition can be used on Windows only.

Download Issues

For download and installations issues only (no support for Antenna Magus), please contact us here