CST STUDIO SUITE Learning Edition

Complete Technology for 3D Electromagnetics

The CST Studio Suite Learning Edition introduces you to the world of electromagnetic simulation, making Maxwell’s equations easier to understand than ever. With this free edition you have - bar some restrictions - access to our powerful visualization engine and some of the most advanced solvers of CST Studio Suite, making it ideal for use as part of coursework as well as for anyone wishing to become more proficient with CST Studio Suite.

To accompany the CST Studio Suite Learning Edition, we have prepared some examples, which are typical of the type of textbook problems you may encounter during your studies of electromagnetic theory or other related courses. Each tutorial includes a descriptive text, a CST Studio Suite file and also a short video showing how to construct each of the models. These examples are available in the SIMULIA Community.

You can download the CST Studio Suite Learning Edition free of charge from the SIMULIA Community.

The SIMULIA Community is our user forum for all those interested in simulation of structures, fluids or electromagnetic fields. You can discuss simulation with your peers, find the latest resources on SIMULIA simulation technology, get insights from experts and select from a large range of e-seminars to deepen your knowledge.

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CST Install instructions

CST Studio Suite Install instructions

CST Studio Suite 2020 Student Edition Installation Instructions
CST Tutorials

CST Studio Suite Tutorials

To get started, CST Studio Suite Tutorials are available here

Learning Resources

Tutorials and learning resources for CST Studio Suite are available at this link:

SIMULIA Community

System requirements

CST Studio Suite is available for modern Windows operating systems. Please refer to the installation guide for more information.

Download Issues

For download and installations issues only (no support for CST Studio Suite), please contact us here