VEL TECH Technical University

VEL TECH: Indian students train for the future with Version 6

VEL TECH Technical University, located in Chennai, India, is the flagship of the group of educational institutions founded in 1990 by industrialists Dr. R. Rangarajan, VEL TECH’s chancellor, and Dr. R. Sakunthala Rangarajan. Today, VEL TECH has become a center of excellence in higher technical education for 12,000 students, and offers 59 courses in its undergraduate and post-graduate curriculum in engineering, technology and management.


Job ready

“Students are expected to be employment-ready on day one in industries,” Dr. Rangarajan says. “VEL TECH offers specific in-house programs and training to meet these expectations with intensive industry institution interactions, value-added courses and specific software skills through globally recognized industry certification on solutions like Dassault Systèmes (DS) Version 6.”

VEL TECH offers a complete certification program on Version 6 in its state-of-the-art facilities. The university has invested in all the courses available in the full Version 6 academia portfolio. “Students look for state-of-the-art facilities and globally recognized certification programs,” Dr. Rangarajan explains. “It makes them better equipped and more confident in facing competition and makes them readily employable.”

DS education partner EDS Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a leading PLM solutions provider in India, managed initial deployment of the DS PLM solutions at VEL TECH. Training is first provided to faculty members and an initial group of students. As teachers acquire the necessary autonomy, they in turn conduct the classes themselves.

Effective educational tools

“We consider the DS academic products very effective educational tools, especially for students of the school of Mechanical Engineering,” Dr. Rangarajan says. VEL TECH plans to reinforce its relationship with DS and to continue providing students with classes on all Version 6 solutions. “We expect this will place VEL TECH students ahead of their peers from other universities.”

The institution has plans to strengthen its educational offering and facilities. “In October 2011, we inaugurated our Centre for Design, Engineering and Manufacturing (CDEM) here in Chennai. Its objective will be to provide students with continued training on the DS PLM solutions in the future,” Dr. Rangarajan says. “The CDEM will be upgraded on a regular basis with new courses, which will ensure that our offering is in line with the latest industry standards and requirements.”