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Electric chainsaw

9th - Fans votes of POTY 2013 Edition

Created on 2016.06.07 246 views

The brief of the project was to create a chainsaw with the brand identity of a chosen brand. I chose to SMEG as a theme for the project. SMEG is A kitchen appliance manufacturer. I decided to use their retro inspired designs for the base for my project. Ergonomics was the largest focus of the project with the handles being designed for the right application. I decided to design a electric chainsaw with basic internal parts. The shell of the chainsaw is perfectly designed to house all the components including oil tank, trigger switch and motor.

List of requirements
• Kick back Throttle lock
• Low vibration Handle
• Oil level indicator
• Right hand guard
• Rear hand guard
• Spiked bumper
• Oil cap
• Quick Chain Adjuster
• Grip comforter
• Bar fastener
• Safety button
• Air vents
• trigger

• Engine 1600w
• Bar length 35cm
• Oil capacity 200 cc
• 40cm cable and plug
• Injection moulded body

The main body of the chainsaw has been design using the style of the fridges using bold smooth lines. The motor casing and the main body are smoothly blended using a large bulbous shape. The bulbous shape from a side profile has hints of an aero dynamic wing which also helps to communicate the streamline element found in art deco style. The right handle and the left handle shield flows into the bulbous shape smoothly to further create a smooth interrupted shape. The left handle shield also ties into the body theme by using soft rounded shapes and subtle curves.

Oil cap
The oil cap was designed with SMEG’s principle of hiding technology under style. To achieve this, a stream line feature most prominently found in 50’s automotive design. The oil cap is smoothly blended into the top of the body using this design feature. To release the cap, a ninety degree twists is applied which then allows for a lift. To communicate that the cap is twistable, an inlayed rubber section has been design which communicates a potential twist function.

The left handle uses inspiration drawn from the handle of the SMEG fridges. The handle has a chromed finish which provides a strong link to SMEG when attached to the gloss body. Other chromed features such as the metallic SMEG letters placed on the bar and front of the product also draw inspiration from the letters found on the retro styled SMEG products.
The rubber insert in the handle has been designed to support the fingers at the trigger section as well as the area in the palm where the thumb and index finger meet. By placing the rubber insert in this area, it communicates interaction more efficiently because it demands the product to be held in a certain position.

Bar Fastener and Adjuster
The bar fastener on the side of the chainsaw is a key component in communicating the design theme of art deco. Horizontal lines are visible on the grip section of the bar fastener. These lines create a strong visual link to the fridge handles as well as the streamline art deco style. The component has also been design in chrome, further communicating the SMEG fridge handle.
The bar adjuster which is located outside of the bar fastener, has been design with small 5mm grooves which are placed around the circular object. These grooves are placed in the design to communicate that the object has created a space for the hand to grip, thus it communicates a twisting function.

Air Vents
The air vents designed into the body to cool the motor was design using the vent shapes that the SMEG fridges have applied to their designs. However the vents have been elongated to suit the streamline theme. The vents are placed bellow the lettering in front of the chainsaw. The vents are the right width to prevent fingers from entering the motor chamber.

Oil level
The oil level is design to curve around the body casing. Traditional electric chainsaws have their oil levels positioned on the right side of the model. However the SMEG chainsaw has one displayed on the left side of the body. One could argue that the oil level can now be seen while operating thus decreasing the chance of the product malfunctioning due to mechanical ware.

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Specifications The 1600w motor is powerful to suit any gardening environment.Safety featuresThe Chain break utilises SME... 


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Specifications The 1600w motor is powerful to suit any gardening environment.Safety featuresThe Chain break utilises SMEG’s penchant for technology to provide safety to the user. Ease of useThe trigger is specially designed to increase comfort when operating over extended periods of time.The bar adjuster has been ergonomically incorporated to allow for easy chain adjustmentImproved controlA small Bar has been used to provide precision workErgonomicsHandles are designed with ergonomic and anthropometric degrees, to ensure ease of use over a prolonged time period.StyleThe bar fastener and oil cap has been designed to communicate the 50’s style of SMEG
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